Dumbsaint - Panorama, in ten piecesLongstanding members of Sydney’s vibrant instrumental rock scene, DUMBSAINT have released their latest album, Panorama, in ten pieces.

It’s a thrilling and complex journey, through the darker side of post-metal, made all the more enticing by the prospect of an self-made feature film to accompany the album coming later this year.

Along with the album release, the band are premiering the segment of this film that accompanies one of the album’s songs, ‘Communion’.

The whole film will outline dark psychological undercurrents that play out one suburban evening, from multiple perspectives. What we’re seeing so far is a disquieting but compelling watch.


Panorama, in ten pieces. is available via Bird’s Robe Records/Art As Catharsis on August 7 2015. A limited tape run is available via Grimoire Cassette Cvlture.


By Alex Wilson| News

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