We Lost The Sea - A Gallant GentlemanWE LOST THE SEA, one of Sydney’s premier instrumental rock bands, have dropped the lead single from their upcoming record Departure Songs, available here. 

The title references Captain Lawrence “Titus” Oates. Part of an expedition that was rapidly running out of supplies and hope, the sick and wretched Oates sacrificed himself for the good of his companions, wandering into a blizzard from which he never returned.

Beyond ‘A Gallant Gentleman’, Departure Songs will explore similar themes of courage, loss and human frailty as a wider concept.

It is band’s first album in an instrumental format to an instrumental format, following the untimely passing of vocalist Chris Torpy in 2013.

To accompany the single, an official live performance video was shot at Sydney’s Studios 301. Check it out:

Departure Songs vailable for streaming and purchase via Bird’s Robe Records/MGM on 30 July 2015.



By Alex Wilson| News

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