Solkyri – ‘Sad Boys Club’ (Bird’s Robe Records)

It feels like ages since I first saw Solkyri perform and hearing their new tracks, picked them for big things. Their 2013 debut full-length ‘Are You My Brother?’ delivered on that promise, but moving forward in the instrumental rock game is tough stuff.

With a European tour looming, including a spot at Belgium’s prestigious Dunk Festival, it feels like ‘Sad Boys Club’ is finally the album that will propel Solkyri forward to new audiences internationally.

The album is decidedly darker than the debut, but no less exuberant, pummelling and melodic. The addition of second guitarist Ryan Fitz-Henry has made a subtle difference that sees the band step up – the atmosphere is intense, thick and the production backs up their songcraft every step of the way.

Fans of And So I Watch You From Afar and sleepmakeswaves will love the big sounds, driving rhythms and climactic sequences, although there is plenty of subdued ambience to be found here too. Solkyri love the simplicity of using keys to convey tension and communicate the delicate melodic moments and that trend continues here.

Overall, a wonderful progression for the band that further outlines their identity and unique sound.

Highlights: ‘Yes, I’m Breathing’ & ‘I Felt Unsafe, I Felt At Home’

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By Krystal Brinkley| Album Reviews

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