Forstora – For All That Will Save Or Destroy Us (Bird’s Robe Records)

I first heard of these guys when I saw them opening up for Karnivool in Perth back in 2012. Usually I don’t go for bands with the screaming/riff variety, but these guys were just so intense and heavy and had so much conviction – that it somehow clicked for me.

My initial excitement over seeing a short video with Drew from Karnivool in it, apparently acting as producer, gave way to a long period of forgetting they even existed – until the recent announcement of their pairing with Sydney label Bird’s Robe, for the release of a debut album.

And here they are, opening my mind yet again.

On first listen, it’s clear these guys have lost nothing in the 3 years it’s taken to deliver this album. Having heard so much heavy music you forget how important production can be to making an impact on a listener and this record (mixed with Forester Savell) packs a huge punch, with none of the quantizing and lack of air you find on most current hardcore releases.

This is something else entirely – a fresh, powerful and unique statement for Australian heavy music.

If you’re into Refused, Converge or perhaps even Mish, you’ll dig this.

With a drummer in Tame Impala’s touring sound guy, don’t expect too much activity on the live front, but if you get the chance, get down to the front row.

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By Krystal Brinkley| Album Reviews

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